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July 2018 Show and Sale: Vendors

A Fine Miniature 1-203-258-6714
1:12 - upholstered items (beds, sofas, chairs), OOK items, hand painted and marbled furniture, artisan, vintage pieces


Arrangements by Sheryl 1-570-204-8887

Offering all scales, roomboxes, dolls, accessories, books, etc.


A Touch of the Past

hand knit and hand crochet items, working TV, general merchandise


Bauder Pine 1-215-943-3453

1/2" and 1/4" scale furniture, houses and kits, 1", 1/2" and 1/4" accessories, rugs and wallpaper


Cool Tools! 1-570-213-3016

tools & supplies for miniaturists, modelers & hobbyists; LED lighting, "neon" wire


Dollhouse Quilts & Decor by Theda

1",1/2" and 1/4" scale quilts, pillows, beds, shoes, Reutter Porcelain, wallpaper and more!


Earthscapes by Heath
www.virtualdollhouse.net etsy.com/earthscapesbyheath
Trees, any scale
Fingertip Fantasies

Miniature store fixtures, flowers tea sets, dinnerware, fireplace items, fairie gardens and accessories.


Granny's Little Things

Half and quarter scale products from building components through accessories.


Heart Felt Canines
Miniature pets and pet supplies - Dollhouse Scale

Janet Vivian 1-732-495-2727

Wide variety of dollhouse miniatures (all scales), some vintage. Handcrafted & manufactured items, kits, metal minis & more. Something for everyone!


Kat's Minis 1-908-397-7768

1:12 scale Roomboxes and miniatures


Karen's Dollhouse Shop 
Accessories, food, dolls, furniture, vintage pieces



3D scanning booth which produces authentic 3D 1:12 scaled figures. Now you can have a mini clone of yourself to put in your miniature scene. Kloned will be at the show to take the 3D image needed to create in color a mini you! Wear (or bring) the clothes you want for your clone. You can also hold something if you like: sports equipment, a book, whatever. Check out this latest addition to minis!


Lockwood Tower Miniatures 1-203-953-1110
1:12 - high end furniture and accessories, artisan and estate.


Lovely Little Life Miniatures 1-609-972-0284


1:12 scale: artisan & quality manufactured furniture, dolls and accessories; OOAK hand made dressed beds; specializing in Victorian/Edwardian period


Mini Estates by Karen

Offering all scales - vintage furniture - handcrafted artisan pieces


Mini Things

Halloween and Christmas miniatures and accessories in 1", 1/2", 1/4" scales


National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
Paula Osborn - 1-215-945-3319

Crochet rugs, bedding and pillows, roomboxes, assorted accessories and building supplies - mostly 1"


Sharon Harbison Miniature Food 1-732-739-1932

Miniature food and produce
Sue Ann Ketchum 1-301-253-5864

1", 1/2" , 1/144" scale furnishing and accessories.


Taylor Jade 1-609-655-9943

Handcrafted furniture and accessories - 1" scale, 1/2" scale


TeenneeTiny 1-609-481-5949

Accessories for 1:12 scale all handmade plus DIY wooden miniature models, handmade 1:12 scale


Tiny Emporium -1-610-353-7429

Mostly 1" scale foods, holiday items, stained glass, furniture, floral decor


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